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We started haunted-items.com to give anyone who is interested in haunted items a convenient way to access the the best selection of haunted items. Why do we list the best haunted items? Because our listings are from real people across the nation, people who have had paranormal experiences with their haunted items.

Haunted-Items.com connects you to sellers across the nation selling all kinds items claimed to be haunted. You will be comforted to know your purchases will be made through eBay. This allows you to check the sellers feedback to see what previous buyers have to comment about the sellers items and gives you more protection during the transaction.

About Haunted Items:
People have been fascinated with the unknown and the paranormal for ages. There are many beliefs about the paranormal, with people believing different things, but a large part of the paranormal community believe that energy can attach itself to objects, land, houses, and areas. Can this be true? Stories of haunted houses are an all to common topic among many. In fact, chances are you probably know someone who has a story. So, why can't items be haunted if houses can?

There are no limitations to haunted items. Some of the common haunted items include haunted dolls, jewelry, and paintings. However, there has been toothbrushes, clothes, and countless other weird items reported to be haunted. Nothing is left for the imagination when it comes to haunted items.


One of the most popular haunted items are haunted dolls. The thought of dolls being possessed or haunted has both spooked and captivated us for years. Is it true? Can haunted or possessed dolls really exist? Many people have strong emotional connections to dolls during their life, and this is believed to be the cause of the dolls becoming haunted. Here's an idea, if you find yourself in possession of a haunted doll, make note of where you leave it. There have been a large number of reports of haunted dolls moving themselves, speaking, and doing all other sorts of unusual things.

Jewelry is another item many people have claimed to be haunted. It is often passed down from different generations in it's original condition, which could be a reason this is a common haunted item. Some haunted jewelry is often said to give mystical powers to the owner.

Haunted Items Tip:
If you find yourself in possession of a haunted item, try taking multiple pictures of it with your camera. Paranormal phenomena which is invisible to the naked eye, can often be caught on camera in the form of "mist", "ectoplasm", "distorted figures", or even "apparitions". Examine the photos closely before discarding to make sure you aren't throwing away any potential proof the item is haunted.

"You can travel the world, and in nearly every country, every culture, you will have stories about haunted items and haunted places"

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